When do I get access to my account?

You get access after purchasing our products. We provide you with a test-domain where you can start instantly. Your domain will be registred after payment. If you pay with Paypal or credit card your payment will be processed within minutes.

Will I be the Admin-C and Owner of my domain?

Yes, you will recieve all rights of your domain. You are also allowed to transfer your domain to another provider.

How does a change of provider work?

You can transfer existing domains to us. Just type in your domain to the domain checker and finish the order. After that you have to create a backup of your website and request the Auth-Code (Authorisation Code) of your domain from your current provider. Then you can enter the Auth-Code in our Client Panel and we will finish the transfer of your domain.

Is your support free of charge?

Yes, absolutely.

Which server settings are available?

Our servers have php5/php7 and mysql5.x installed. You can change php safe_mode, register_globals, allow_url_fopen and other settings. There is no www-data problem, with our servers.

What are the contract conditions/ payment conditions?

Your contract duration is 12 months, with 1 month cancelation period. You can pay with Paypal, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX), Giropay and Banktransfer.

Can I get a testaccount?

Yes, we provide testaccounts to our homepage maker software. You also can order our products without risk. We provide you 30 days money back guaranty to all our hosting products!

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