About us

About Business

Since 2005 FLATBOOSTER GmbH has been a consistently growing provider in the field of domain names and the sale of web hosting services. Today, FLATBOOSTER GmbH is known as reliable provider with thousands of customers (2017).

Hardware and Server

We build powerful servers with 64 Intel Xeon processors with up to 512 GB! of RAM and hardware-based RAID with SSD performance. Our storage servers operate with a capacity of 100 terabytes. Our network structure has been secured using redundant routers provided by HP and Juniper.


The servers, server rooms and bandwidth are monitored around the clock, 365 days every year. All servers are in their own server rooms in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt am Main (Germany) with redundant electrical systems, battery backups, diesel generators, RAID systems and smoke detectors. Our backbone is fiber-optic based with a redundant infrastructure. Total bandwidth amounts to 120 gigabytes in connection with three international carriers: Lambdanet, Deutsche Telekom and Level3.

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